Goal & Mission

(1) Establish a brand management mechanism to assist corporate brands to reduce legal risks.

(2) Develop an academic environment with domestic trademark law scholars.

(3) Build an international exchange system to connect with relevant groups in various countries or regions.

(4) Devote trademark legal research and provide professional advice to the government.

Creative Descriptions of ''TTA''

The overlapped English letters “T” look like people hands in hands, hoping that the Taiwanese trademark industry can help each other, share prosperity and stick together via TTA’s platform and turn the industry into a union with legal capacities.

The letter “A” on the right of the mark looks like a towering mountain extending into clouds with an endless top, symbolizing an encouragement to TTA to have upward developments as unlimited as possible.

The device on the far right of the mark stands for a volume icon, symbolizing TTA’s expectation to help Taiwanese brands be seen by the world as frequently as possible.

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